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South Avionics proud to offer three different training programs for our students. No matter what career you want to pursue, or skill you want to learn, South Avionics has a program for you. Browse the links below to explore the programs that are right for you.

Avionics technicians have important roles in the aircraft manufacturing field. If you are interested in electrical systems, operation of aircraft and advanced technologies, becoming an avionic technician could be a good career path for you.

It’s a 6-month course with Hands-on Training to prepare the students with all the skills necessary to succeed in the Aviation Industry and pass the NCATT AET Certification Exam.

Course Outline

-> NCATT AET Training & Certification (Most important Avionics Certification) FAA Recognized

-> FCC Licenses Element 1, 3, 8 and 9

-> CET Training and Certification

-> Avionics Technician Certification

This course gives students the knowledge they need to qualify as entry level technicians, and provides the necessary foundation for further studies in other specialized fields. It’s closely coordinated with the ETA competencies and exams. This is a 2-month course.

Course Outline

-> Basic Electrical Theory

-> AC Basic

-> Analog Basics

-> Digital Basics

-> Comprehensive Study and Laboratory

-> Laboratory includes the programming and use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), Oscilloscope, Multi-meter, soldering, and more.

This course will prepare the student for the Associate Certified Electronics Technician Test.

The Industrial Electronics & Automation Technician program provides students with the practical know how and technical skills to get started in the rapidly growing field of manufacturing technology.

-> PLC’s Troubleshooting

-> PLC’s Programming

-> Industrial Process Control


-> Robotics

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Profesores con pedagogía de la más alta calidad se preocupan por qué aprendas, los precios sin competencia a la disposición de cualquiera, ayuda a los estudiantes a cumplir sus metas y grupos pequeños para atención personalizada lo recomiendo !!!
Josalys Crespo
Friendly place ,very good people, very good program. Dedicated instructor for your learning. They make sure you understand the information n help you step by step.
Luis Aldarondo
La mejor escuela hoy... no solo te preparan para trabajar como Avionics technician tbn te ofrecen la práctica q necesitas y en los equipos necesarios... para entrar a la industria de Aviación Comercial. Gracias a todos los q componen este Training Center son lo mejor...
Rcm Jann
Best avionics training hands down teachers are great. Love my new career 👍🏼
Nelson Vega
Best Avionics School in all Florida. Excellent training within the best OJT program, practice with real aircraft at the field. Curriculum in Spanish and English. Experienced staff. Recommended 100%.
Carlos Tosado
Buena carrera para estudiar en un corto tiempo y con mucha oportunidadades de salir hacia delante.
Gaby Ramos